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  Jennifer  Posted on 15 May 2023
  Lee is a really good instructor with excellent time management (arrived 5 mins early). He had communicated his teaching clearly while explaining the rationale of the test areas in relation to the Qldís road safety & regulations. He was responsive to the studentís queries and provides much needed reassurances. This is a perfect exemplary of a dedicated and responsible instructor. Thank you very much.

  Negin  Posted on 06 May 2023
  Lee is very good in teaching

  Xiwei  Posted on 20 April 2023
  Have an excellent learning experience. Lee is super professional. His instructions are very helpful for my driving.

  Rachel  Posted on 18 April 2023
  taught me everything that i need to know, so lovely and made me feel great about my driving

  Hui Yi  Posted on 22 March 2023
  Highly recommend taking driving lessons with Lee ! He is very experienced and fully prepared me prior to my driving test. Lee very thoroughly went through every aspect of assessment criteria and repeatedly practiced those that I am less confident with. He is also very familiar with the roads around the region and gave me tips to watch out for tricky areas. Lee is also very motivating and encouraging throughout the sessions.

  Elizabeth  Posted on 14 March 2023
  Lee was a calm, patient and detailed instructor. He explained the mistakes I made and how I could improve. Lee would break down the steps so it was easier to understand. He also provided tips of what could be asked during the test.

  Livia  Posted on 14 January 2023
  Best instructor! Very happy we found Lee.

  Jamie  Posted on 13 January 2023
  Excellent! Best experience for my twin daughters! They enjoy the lessons. Stress free  and building great confidence. Very lucky to have Lee! Thank you Chifen

  Annabel  Posted on 20 October 2022
  Lee is a fantastic instructor. He has prepared me for the driving test and given me lots of useful tips for the test. He is very friendly, patient, and flexible when arranging lessons. I enjoyed every lesson with him. Thank you!

  Hann jane  Posted on 08 September 2022
  Lee is extremely experienced, patient, calm, amiable, professional and very, very clear with his instructions! It is such a pleasure to be his student

  Yanpei  Posted on 31 August 2022
  Best instructor ever!!!! Lee is very nice and patient. He knows well about all the tricks for driving tests. Before I met Lee, I failed twice in my driving tests, which made me lose confidence in going for another test. Taking the lessons with Lee, he pointed out my problems and encouraged me a lot during the driving. This made my driving improve a lot, especially for the confidence part. Finally, I passed my driving test last Saturday at the Greenslopes test center. I really appreciate Lee, and I hope I could have met him earlier then maybe I will pass the test in my first go. Thank you so much.

  Maniya  Posted on 26 August 2022
  Lee is very patient and gives clear instructions. Im driving again and Im starting to build my confidence in city driving.

  Jianhui  Posted on 15 July 2022
  Lee is amazing! Highly recommended. He is so patient and explain the rules very professional. His teaching style is very relaxing which is great for someone like me can get nervous very easily. Will definitely recommend to friends and family.

  Cindy  Posted on 30 June 2022
  Best instructor! Extremely patient and kind. He always plans training and lessons tailored to your needs. Very grateful that I had such a responsible instructor to guide and train me through the exam with ample tips for daily driving too. Highly recommended

  Filipina  Posted on 10 June 2022
  Heís very professional, detailed and friendly.

  Hsuan-jou ronia  Posted on 02 May 2022
  Best driving instructor ever

  Jill  Posted on 05 April 2022
  Lee was amazing with giving clear instructions. After 2 lessons with him I had significantly improvement not just skills but also my confidence. I highly recommend Lee as your driving instructor. Thanks Lee. Jill

  Mashook hussain  Posted on 21 March 2022
  Love the driving lesson with Mr Lee. He was highly organised, well structured and cooperative. Before starting the lesson he clearly understood my learning requirements and y out through out the session he continued to share info that was very useful for my level of driving skills and knowledge. I m continuing my lessons with him to prep for my driving test. Highly recommended.

  Rosa  Posted on 15 March 2022
  Lee is the best instructor I have ever had lessons with. He makes sure that you know the basics such as chair and mirror adjustments, Ö before start which some instructors are not patient with. His instructions are very clear and based on rules and makes a fast progress in learning. I highly recommend Lee as a driving learning instructor or driving test instructor.

  Lauren  Posted on 23 February 2022
  Lee was extremely professional and patient when instructing. His knowledge and expertise helped me to pass on the first time! I have had numerous other instructors but they don't come close to how good Lee is. His feedback is clear and I found I always learned something new every time I had a driving lesson with him. I would highly recommend him to anyone who is learning to drive. I could not have passed on my first try without his guidance.

  Andres (andy)  Posted on 01 February 2022
  Lee is a fantastic instructor and I highly recommend him. He is very calm, patient and friendly and he has a great understanding of all the rules. He is very thorough and made sure we covered all the key points and maneuvers for the practical test.

  Maddison  Posted on 06 January 2022
  The best ever

  Yuan-yu  Posted on 21 October 2021
  If it's possible, I will give 6 stars to Lee!!! Very professional and friendly. He also helped me to build up the confidence and encouraged me to drive in different road conditions for more experience. I would definitely recommend Lee to anyone who needs to practice their driving skills. Thank you very Lee.

  Minh thuc  Posted on 20 October 2021
  He is a super gentle, nice and perfect trainer.

  Ching leong  Posted on 24 September 2021
  EHighly recommend Lee to learners!! He is so dedicated to his profession. He always tell me the driving test tricks. He knows every part of the test driving route very well. I will definitely recommend to those who is reading my comment right now!

  Cheu hao  Posted on 20 September 2021
  Lee has been an absolutely wonderful instructor. With clear direction and useful real world tips Lee has made my learning experience nothing short of hassle free and comfortable. His personality and approach to teaching allowed my nerves for driving dissipate as I was confident I was in the right hands. I highly recommend him as a driving instructor.

  Renobel  Posted on 08 September 2021
  Very detailed on how to execute proper driving, very calm instructor.

  Lannalin  Posted on 23 August 2021
  Lee is an AMAZING instructor , he is very friendly and always be patient. He has been a huge help learning to drive. He is very clear and very easy to understand and there is no stress or discomfort when driving with Lee. I enjoyed every lessons with him. Thank you so much Lee.

  Navdeep kaur  Posted on 19 July 2021
  Really awesome teacher very passionate very decently teach me m so happy m happy to refer my friends as well well done master

  Vashni  Posted on 11 July 2021
  Lee is AMAZING!! Highly recommend Lee for anyone of all ages. He is very knowledgeable in everything that you need to know. The most encouraging and mild instructor I have had. Professional and friendly. I passed on my first time and could have not done so with anyone else but Lee. Great experience with him so highly recommend.

  Mishka  Posted on 08 July 2021
  Lee is very calm and very knowledgeable in his driving instructions. He is honest and clearly indicates what must and must not be done, with clear indication on how to pass the driving test. I am very grateful for such a modest instructor.

  Amornrat  Posted on 20 June 2021
  Lee is the best instructor I have ever booked lessons with. He has lots of knowledge about the road and driving and never afraid to share.

  Shabin  Posted on 15 June 2021
  Excellent teaching skills and very patient and clear with instructions.

  Amanda  Posted on 02 June 2021
  Loved him. So sweet, so didactic. I felt very comfortable driving with him. Totally recommend

  Prakamas  Posted on 31 May 2021
  He taught me well and easy to understand.

  Mackenzie  Posted on 23 April 2021
  Leeís super patient and kind, he made me feel confident enough to go for my test

  Christian  Posted on 19 April 2021
  Very calm, so Iím not scared to make mistake.

  Anthony  Posted on 04 April 2021
  Great instructor

  Christian  Posted on 16 March 2021
  Really good guy and iím satisfied.

  Tongen  Posted on 26 February 2021
  Highly recommended! Lee is a kind and nice instructor. He told me everything about good driving. And he always patiently gives me advice and tips. After the training with him, I passed the driving test on my first try.

  Linda  Posted on 05 February 2021
  He's honestly so professional, lovely, and patient. Very calm and explain things very clearly.

  Sandra  Posted on 19 January 2021
  Lee is a very professional instructor! He teaches you hands on knowledge and makes sure you are comfortable as well as confident when driving. If you want someone that will help you be more confident on the roads, I recommend him!

  Guyala  Posted on 17 January 2021
  I was very comfortable driving with Lee and learnt so much on my first lesson. I would 100% recommend Lee to all learners, he is very calm and easy to drive with for your first time.

  Tomo  Posted on 15 January 2021
  Absolutely, 100% recommend Lee as a driving instructor. Honestly the most patient, knowledgeable and friendly driving instructor out there. Had my driving lesson with Lee a few hours ago and in that hour I learnt so much about the driving test and manoeuvres. His explanations were to the point and clear. Lee really makes driving so much more calming and helped me gain confidence in a matter of minutes.

  Teklon  Posted on 12 January 2021
  Lee is kind, meticulous and patience driving supervisor. Help a lot with my driving experience

  Nathaniel yong jie  Posted on 29 December 2020
  Very reliable and excellant teacher with great patience and care for student.

  Dilshan  Posted on 29 December 2020
  Lee is a very talented instructor and I would like to recommend him to all beginners in their driving life.

  Sirinya  Posted on 26 December 2020
  Lee is very good teacher.

  Ha  Posted on 24 December 2020
  Mr. Lee was a very kind and patient instructor. He was supportive and making me feel much confident during my first time driving. He taught me really good techniques and tips with turning, controlling my steering wheels, controlling speed, etc. I would highly recommend Mr. Lee and would definitely book some more hours review with him before my driving test.

  Cade  Posted on 30 November 2020
  Cade was very comfortable with Lee and confident driving with his instruction

  Abbey  Posted on 17 November 2020
  Lee is absolutely lovely and made me look forward to driving lessons. He is productive and an amazing teacher. I would totally recommend him if you are looking for a sweet but honest instructor.

  Sheng-hsun  Posted on 12 November 2020
  Very professional, patient, and friendly. Glad that I am having Lee as my supervisor.

  Olivia  Posted on 25 October 2020
  Thank you Lee for a wonderful experience this afternoon! I was very nervous but your professionalism and expertise has gotten me just that much closer to being a confident driver. Much appreciated- five stars!

  Zhao  Posted on 17 October 2020
  very patient and experienced instructor.

  Yi-ting  Posted on 10 October 2020
  Great lesson! Very friendly and patient with me.learn a lot of driving techniques and what will happen during test. Looking forward for the next driving lesson.

  Gugulethu  Posted on 01 October 2020
  Lee is an amazing instructor. He is patient and amazingly calm. He is the best. Thank you so much

  Nattawut  Posted on 29 September 2020
  Lee is an amazing instructor. I have learned so much from him. He knows how to prepare myself for the driving test. He also taught me how to drive safely in all the real driving situations. He always gives driving tips every times I drove with him. Lee is very friendly and always be patient. His teaching approach made me feel very comfortable and helped me gain huge confidence in driving. I enjoyed every lessons with him. Thank you so much Lee.

  Scott  Posted on 24 September 2020
  The most calm, patient, understanding, clear and supportive instructor we have ever met. We were swept up with his calmn and in control manner which help provide the best learning environment we could have. Thoroughly appreciated the experience. Thank you Lee

  Queena  Posted on 23 September 2020
  Mr Lee is very patient and the way he teaches is very skillful. He is a very nice person. I will rate him 100 starts!

  Imogene  Posted on 15 September 2020
  Best driving instructor I've ever had!! Very motivating and positive.

  Joanna  Posted on 12 September 2020
  Lee is very detailed and very patient. Strongly recommend!

  Tiana  Posted on 04 September 2020
  Lee is a fantastic driving instructor. He's very friendly and calm, and knows exactly how to prepare you for the driving test. I enjoyed our lessons and would highly recommend him to anyone!

  Maximo  Posted on 02 September 2020
  I have learned a lot from him, he is very supportive and patience.

  Charity  Posted on 28 August 2020
  Lee is very calm and clear in giving instructions. He makes me feel confident in driving which really helps to ease my nervousness.
  Nicholas  Posted on 14 August 2020
  I highly recommend Lee's services as a driving instructor, I purchased 5hrs of driving lessons as an extremely nervous, mature age learner and he was reliable, friendly, knowledgable and patient. Our daughter will be driving very soon and we will have no hesitation in booking driving lessons with Lee. Thank you Lee for all your efforts in helping me pass my provisional licence test.
  Oshiahna  Posted on 10 August 2020
  Great driving lesson, very informative & super comfortable to drive with for first time driving.
  Sophie  Posted on 02 August 2020
  Lee was an amazing instructor! My greatest weakness was reverse parallel parking and he taught me his tricks which has made me so comfortable behind the wheel. He is awesome at getting you familiar with what the test is expecting and the surrounding areas. With him, I passed my test on the first go. Highly recommend!
  Jinie binti  Posted on 22 July 2020
  He is kind, meticulous and patience driving supervisor. Will book with him again soon.
  Jude  Posted on 15 July 2020
  It was really good he taught me so much and I have improved as a better driver because of him he is the best of all the instructors Iíve had and Iím thankful
  Kayla  Posted on 08 July 2020
  Very calm, helped me keep calm when I was quite nervous. He should put tour guide on his profile!
  Gemma  Posted on 06 July 2020
  Lee is an experienced instructor of instructors. He teaches you everything you need to know in order to be a safe driver, but at the same time gives you the maximum driving experience. He is friendly and very patient. Would highly recommend him as your driving instructor.
  Weasley  Posted on 05 July 2020
  I had an amazing and positive experience with Lee. He was very patient with me and was able to point out my mistakes quickly and explain them to me clearly. He is one of the kindest person I know, very supportive and friendly, he helped me gain my confidence in driving.
  Sharnae  Posted on 16 June 2020
  Lee is very good with instructions and takes his time to make sure you understand. He is super kind and has helped me build a lot of confidence driving on the roads!

  Wai Ling  Posted on 14 June 2020
  Return learner. Location: Greenslopes , Woolloonggaba & Logan. I had about 30 driving lessons and stop driving 6 months ago. Hoping to pick up driving again & gain confident on the road. Lee is patience & experienced in helping his student to be confident in driving. I personally had a massive confidence boost in one partially lesson by keep practising the manoeuvre I was hoping to improve. Lee would help you sharpen your skills and equip you with the mindset & skills that you can drive in any situations. Lee is experienced in analysing & pinpointing learner mistakes & behaviour on the road. He would ask questions & make sure you truly understand how to drive correctly. If you are looking for a pre-test practise, I highly recommend Lee. Lee has extensive experience in Greenslopes & Logan area. He knows the streets very well & the common mistakes students usually have during their exam. Lee is a professional instructor & his method is easy to follow. I would recommend to anyone who is new to driving, aim to pass the practical exam, gain confident or just trying out, Lee would be a good choice. He is adaptable & would assist you to acquire the skills you need to drive safely on the road.
  Ella  Posted on 08 June 2020
  Lee was friendly and very calm. He made the first lesson easy.
  Wai-o-te-hoe  Posted on 07 June 2020
  Awesome instruction from Lee!
  Ayaa  Posted on 14 May 2020
  Took his time explaining everything I needed to know about driving and also helped me to stay calm and relax when driving on a busy road.
  Harrison   Posted on 26 April 2020
  Lee was great and Harry was very comfortable with his first lesson. Thanks Lee
  Elham  Posted on 18 March 2020
  He is Patient and nice.
  Luke  Posted on 14 March 2020
  Very enjoyableand informative lesson
  Brandon  Posted on 06 March 2020
  Lee was amazing very professional and supportive. High recommend him. Xo
  Priyadarshini  Posted on 26 February 2020
  He is the best loved it ! Very patient and very sweet !! Taught me so much I had never known before ! Thank you
  Elysha  Posted on 21 February 2020
  Lee is an amazing instructor!! He made me very comfortable and confident in my driving and gave me good tips in a simple form to learn easy. All the advice and lessons Lee gave, ensures I passed my test today! Thank you Lee again
  Joe  Posted on 20 February 2020
  Very encouraging and covered lots of driving skill at a good pace - thankyou
  Moi  Posted on 05 February 2020
  Great observer! Fast at pointing out my mistakes and correcting them. Very educated with road rules mentioning alot of things I was unaware of. Always giving tips and was very supportive. Enjoyed both sessions!!
  Manolis  Posted on 19 January 2020
  Lee is one of the kindest and nicest persons I met so far, heís very patient and will tell you every detail you need to know for the test! My only struggle with driving was reverse parking and I learned it with him after 3 tries, he has his special secrets! The most positive man I have met so far!
  Chinni  Posted on January 2020
  Lee was very helpful and suggested me lot of tips for my driving test. He is very patient and methodical. His car is also in a good condition.
  Daniel  Posted on 05 January 2020
  Very helpful and effective first lesson - Lee is a fantastic teacher









SoMild Lee supervisor


5.0 32 Reviews

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  Hui Yi Khor  
    a months ago
  Highly recommend taking driving lessons with Lee ! He is very experienced and fully prepared me prior to my driving test. Lee very thoroughly went through every aspect of assessment criteria and repeatedly practiced those that I am less confident with. He is also very familiar with the roads around the region and gave me tips to watch out for tricky areas. Lee is also very motivating and encouraging throughout the sessions.

  Annabel Koay  
    6 months ago
  Lee is an amazing instructor. He prepared me well for the driving test and given lots of useful tips for the test. He is very friendly and patient, as well as flexible when arranging lessons. I enjoyed every lessons with him. Thank you!

  Cindy Chen  
    10 months ago
  Mr. Lee is the best instructor! Very patient and responsible. He always plans training/lessons to help you not just pass the exam but also learn daily driving tips. It's been a great experience learning from him. Never a dull moment

  Lauren Chow  
    a year ago
  Lee was extremely professional and patient when instructing. His knowledge and expertise helped me to pass on the first time! I have had numerous other instructors but they don't come close to how good Lee is. I would highly recommend SoMild to anyone who is learning to drive. Thank you Lee for all your help and guidance I could not have done it without you.

  LC Partners  
    a year ago
  Absolutely, 100% I recommend Lee as a driving instructor. He is very KIND, POLITE, PATIENT, KNOWLEDGEABLE, FRIENDLY and TRUSTED driving instructor.. I had my driving lessons with Lee and with his guidance, keeping me confidence and relax, I passed my first test straight away. Thank you Lee.. from Lina

  Shah Imrul  
    a year ago
  This is undoubtedly the best driving school in Queensland. Mr. Lee is the best driving instructor, without any doubt. When I am saying this, this is tested. Before meeting Mr. Lee, I have worked with a few instructors. All of them were good. But Mr. Lee is simply the best in business. He has depth knowledge on a practical driving exam. I have failed a few times before taking lesson from Mr. Lee of Solmid. After I get lesson from him, I pass the exam with ease. I am very grateful to him for his lesson and help. Specially people like me who has started residency in Australia, traffic and driving rules seem bit challenging. Mr. Lee made is crystal clear to me. Thank you, Mr. Lee, and Solmid Ė I wish all the best for you.

  Jenny H  
    a year ago
  Lee is a warm and considerate teacher who provides helpful tips to improve your driving especially performing the manoeuvres . On the day of the test, I was stressed and anxious thinking about not passing. However, Lee was there to reassure. I highly recommend him, he is always prepared, informative, positive and a patient teacher. Thank you Lee. :)

  Charity Santiago  
    a year ago
  I have a an excellent experience having driving lessons with Lee. He is calm and very professional. I highly recommended Lee to be your instructor. ...

    2 years ago
  Lee is very a thorough and patient instructor and always gives valuable and constructive feedback. Highly recommend!

  L A  
    2 years ago
  Lee is a fantastic driving instructor who I ended up doing 11 lessons with. He is patient, extremely knowledgeable and kind. He is great at making you feel at ease and explains things simply and practically so that you can easily understand road rules, complete manoeuvres successfully, navigate tricky areas specific to your test area, and drive safely and well. With Lee's guidance I ended up passing my practical driving test on the first go with no mistakes. I highly recommend anyone considering booking him to do so. Thanks for all your help Lee!

    2 years ago
  I booked 2 lessons with SoMild Driving school and I loved the experience! I liked how I was given clear instructions and the driver made me feel comfortable as well as more confident in my my driving skills. It was mostly driving instead of just sitting as talking so you really get most of the driving experience and it is definitely worth it! I would definitely recommend taking lessons from here!

  Rahni Prasad  
    2 years ago
  mr yang is a fantastic instructor, he approaches every situation with lots of patience and teaches quite thoroughly :)

  Tomo Lin  
    2 years ago
  Absolutely, 100% recommend Lee as a driving instructor. Honestly the most patient, knowledgeable and friendly driving instructor out there. Had my driving lesson with Lee a few hours ago and in that hour I learnt so much about the driving test, manoeuvres and helpful tips. I think his guidance and kindness is what separates him from many other instructors. Thanks for all your encouragement Lee!

    2 years ago
  Lee has been very helpful and patient to me! just passed the test and really appreciate his help and encouragement the whole time!!

  Nattapakom Labrattanavibool  
    2 years ago
  Lee is a very good teacher!! Thank you very much !!

  Nguyen Thi Song Ha  
    2 years ago
  Mr. Lee was very patient and gentle. I never had experience driving before this but he made me feel much more confident with his teaching. I would highly recommend!!

  Cade Turrell  
    2 years ago
  Lee was the most helpful instructor i could have asked for. He immediately gave me the confidence to drive anywhere on my first hour of driving. On top of that he is a very friendly person to have a conversation with and make every hour interesting. Would highly recommend Lee to anyone learning to drive. I only wish that I had more time with him.

  Carrie Wang  
    2 years ago
  Absolutely fantastic instructor! Lee is patient,, knowledgeable and very kind. It has been my pleasure to learn driving with him. He will teach you everything you need and help you overcome any worries and fears you have about driving. I would recommend him to anyone who is learning to drive!

    2 years ago
  Lee was very patient and detailed instructor, which practice a lots of Maneuvers and road driving with me. I pass my driving test the first time and with only one non-critical driving error. Iím very happy with my results. Thank you Lee.

  Sunny Fan  
    2 years ago
  Coach Lee was a sweet and amazing coach! He was very patient and encouraging, and covered in detail what could be tested in the exam. His instructions were clear and helpful, would definitely recommend!

    2 years ago
  Lessons with Lee has provided me confidence in driving and knowledge of everything I need to know to drive safely. His way of approach made me feel less nervous while driving. Definitely would recommend him for anyone wanting to learn driving!

  Jared Worthington  
    2 years ago
  Lee is the best! I've had other driving instructors but Lee is the only one I would recommend. I got my licence today and his guidance and patience helped enormously. Absolutely perfect : )

  Shirmin Leng  
    2 years ago
  Thank you coach for your patience and teaching, I passed the first exam, thank you

  Daniel Esposito  
    3 years ago
  After having experienced lessons from over three driving schools, I would place Lee's expertise and learning approach as the best I have experienced. Lee is very personable, transparent and cognisant of each student's capabilities, structuring his lessons to ensure that every testing element is covered before your driving test. If you are seeking an instructor that treats YOU as a student, and seeks to assist YOU - look no further. Thank you, Lee.

  mingtao lin  
    3 years ago
  Thank you, Coach Li is the nicest coach I have ever met. Thank you for your patient analysis, which helped me quickly get out of the confused period; thanks for your professional guidance, I was able to regain my confidence and pass the exam smoothly. Thanks~

  Tupou Jahnke  
    3 years ago
  I booked 10 hours with Lee and have had a blast. He gives very concise instructions that are easy to follow and understand. He teaches you everything you will need to know prior to the test. Very cool, calm and collected gentleman that I would recommend to anyone.

  Jing R  
    3 years ago
  Coach Lee is the best coach I have ever met. I have a driver's license in China for many years, but because of a major traffic accident, I have never driven a car again, but when I come to Australia, it is really inconvenient not to drive, especially when picking up children. It is really troublesome when it rains. So I started to ask a coach to learn how to drive. I made an appointment with a few friends who were introduced by them, but I was not particularly satisfied. I felt that learning to drive was very depressing. Some coaches would sneer at people. All in all very dissatisfied. Just when I was about to lose heart, I met Coach Li, and after two lessons with him, I regained my self-confidence, and I was not afraid at all. He gave me a lot of encouragement, and he knew my strengths and weaknesses very well. I told him. You are not only a coach but also a psychiatrist, hahaha. This is indeed the case. So many students have their own advantages and disadvantages. If the coach cannot be flexible and does not understand the psychology of the college, he will not be a good coach, and the students will not be able to achieve good learning results. Thank you Coach Lee and hope your business is booming.

    3 years ago
  Uncle Lee is very nice and patient. He teaches me from beginning of safety to the technology of driving. Always encouraging and positive. Highly recommended to everyone here!

    3 years ago
  When I first came to Australia, I was worried about my driving skills, so I studied with my master for a while. Very patient and professional, the encouraging teaching has increased my confidence in driving, and I highly recommend everyone to sign up.

  Townsend Yang  
    4 years ago
  The instructor was very good and the price was pretty competitive, would recommend.

  Lee Yang  
    4 years ago
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