So Mild International Pty Ltd has established by way from parent company (Yang Family Industry Board Committee) since 1984 in Taipei, Taiwan.

The business investment and manage by Yang Family. Trade business as Fashion Design with Garment manufacturing wholesale and more than 100 fashion retail shops.

Share investment with Vineyards, Winery, Seafood Factory, Coffee Shop, Restaurant and Karaoke Entertainment. Period 1989 started with Sporting goods, trading and import-export business, products such as food and beverages.

Since 1993 So Mild International has relocated and set up business network management control centre in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

At the end of January 2001, So Mild has invested and holds 100% share on the Geelee Organism Technology and link Brisbane Nature's Food to produce health food and related products to fulfil the markets needs.

The beginning of January 2006, So Mild has invested and holds 55% share on to Geelee Wines start on wine production, and produce grape wines to join So Mild's wine business and sales network. The members of the Yang Family holds the others 45% share on Geelee Wines.





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